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offshore chemicals  Corsan supplies marine chemicals to cover all needs for tankers or bulk cargo ships, many of which are bio-degradable. redseparator TYPES:
  • Scale and rust remover
  • Boiler treatment
  • Fuel treatment
  • Water treatment
  • General maintenance
  • and many more
        Marine Chemicals Corsan
container handling  width=  Cranes for all lifting needs while at sea. From dredging to channel maintentance, Corsan supplies quality equipment.     redseparator TYPES:
  • Deck mounted
  • Gyratory
  • Shipyard
  • Container handling
  • Dredging equipment
         Marine Crane Corsan
electrical  Corsan understands electrical problems and can provide the solution. Whether for electrical wiring or control systems for vessels or buildings, Corsan delivers. redseparator TYPES:
  • Control panels
  • Pump controls
  • Transformers
  • Marine wire & cable
  • Main switchboard
  • and many more
container handling  width=  Corsan supplies marine engines and spare parts for low or high speed. Our world class selection offers reliable propulsion to meet today’s market challenges. redseparator TYPES:
  • Power engine
  • Generator engine
  • Dredging
marine engines
fasteners  Corsan carries in stock a large inventory of all types of fasteners in steel, brass and nylon. Custom available for sizes manufactured to your needs. redseparator TYPES:
  • Hex bolts
  • Screws (Metric & Imperial)
  • Lag screws
  • Nuts & washers
  • Threaded rods
  • and more
Marine Fenders & Buoys  Corsan's complete line of fenders and buoys protect the vessel or the dock structure with quality absorption and durability. redseparator TYPES:
  • Rubber or polyamide
  • Dock fenders of any shape
  • Cell type
  • Arch
  • Core fenders
  • Ocean cushions
        Fenders Buoys Corsan